The vision of the Minka Center is to live a sovereign world in harmony with Mother Earth with faith, hope and unconditional love.

Nuestra Misión ( Nuestra Misión )

We are a community center encompassing spiritual practices, natural healing and research center based on Mother Earth medicines. At our gatherings we come together as a tribe to sing and dance for gratitude for life. We open ourselves to feel and become more creative and more connected to our higher selfs. More connected to pure love.



We live in a psychological dream. We are machines believing we are free and that have power over their destiny, but unfortunately this is not the case. Out conscience is yet to be awaken. The MATRIX constantly distracts and deceives us so that we forget our sacred duty in this world, which is get in contact with our inner power and create a trascendental and divine reality.

Minka Center is a space designed to provide the best people, environments, foods, practices, earth medicines to help you in your awakening path. It will help you then discover your true path for ascension.

Etheogenic Church

The Minka Center is an Entheogenic Church, which uses sacred medicines of plant origin as part of its religious practices. As a member of our church, you have the right to use earthly medicines for your own healing.

Natural Healing Center

At the healing Center we provide natural treatments for COVID, cancer, body pain, weight loss, weigh gain, diabetes, ADHD, ADD, addictions, sexual trauma, etc.

Medical Research

We develop the appropriate spaces for medical research through elemental therapy, seeking the support of scientific methods to explain and demonstrate through testimonies how entheogens and alternative medicine have the power to cure physical, psychosomatic, psychological and spiritual ilnesses.

Earth Medecines

At the Minka Center, we use Earth Medicines, such as Kambo, Ayahuasca, Shrooms, Santa Maria, Hape, Bufo, Iboga.

Earth Medecines have the ability to help us expand out consciousness and allow us to understand not only the mysteries of life but also ourselves.

Each experience is unique an different for each human being. Earth medecines know perfectly what we need and with it the privilege of experiencing the awakening of faculties such as imagination, creativity and understanding.

Teosophy Center

Theosophy is understood as direct knowledge of the wisdom of god, understanding that all religions arose from a common teaching. Through Minka Center we seek to preserve the trasmission systems of knowledge through properly structured practices and knowledge that help the seeker to get closer to his inner truth.

Sacred Sexuality

In our Sacred Sexuality Minka Center program, we teach how to build an intimate relationship with your partner, connect again with your body and connect to your partner’s body. Practitioners will elevate their consciousness by practicing kundalini yoga and sacred white tantra sexual practices, connecting to the source of creation. It teaches men how to preserve their seeds for longevity.

Waldorf & Montessori Education

We are committed from the heart to children because they are our teachers and the hope of humanity, we rely on learning systems that help children to impart purpose and direction to their lives, awaken their imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility are the keys to a true education.

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School of Philosophy, Arts and Earth Medicines